Sunday, May 26, 2013

Rebooting the Blog!

The day, err night, has come folks. I am rebooting up the blog! It's been a year since I've blogged and 6 months since our last family photo (eek!) so it's time to get myself back on track this summer! This was a pic from early last December that we sent out on our holiday cards. Anyways, pretty sure I don't have any readers left unless there are some crazy stalkers out there, but hopefully once I pick things up I'll get you all back;) I'll be posting new pics and hopefully some from 2012 since you all missed a whole year of us!!

Saturday, June 9, 2012


I'm one of those weird people who doesn't really like to give in to the newest, latest trend but then eventually I get sucked in. I joined facebook like 2 years after everyone else did, I signed up for pinterest a year ago but just created my login, and I also just gave in to Instagram. I must say Instagram really makes me look like I know what I'm doing with the camera! Here are the shots I have so far (incase you aren't on Instagram:)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Welcome Cameron Brooks!

We welcomed our newest family member, Cameron Brooks Forouhar, Friday, May 11th at 8:02am. It was the easiest & quickest labor yet with the start time being close to 3am in the morning. We got to the hospital at 4:15am and met him less than four hours later! The incredible nurse I had with my delivery with Kayley was there to greet us and I was SO surprised and thrilled to see her there. Also, my doctor had just delivered another baby so she was going to wait around in the hospital for me:) So...for once, I managed to keep my cool and not freak out during labor! (epidural also really helps with that;)

It's only been a few days since Cameron's birth but so far I am pleasantly surprised. He is such a sweet, mellow baby. (I know, totally jinxing myself) Also, both his older sisters absolutely adore him and want to hug, kiss, hold, and play with him. They are however picking more fights with each other;)

We feel so lucky to have this baby boy in our lives!!!
New big sister Kayley looking on adoringly at her little brother. She kept squealing "hi baby!" ever since she stepped foot in the hospital room and saw him.
Family of Five! The blog name has now officially been changed to "Fab Five":)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Happy Hollow

 I wanted to take the girls on Kayley's actual birthday (April 26th) to Happy Hollow but it was raining! So, we decided to go another day when it was nice and sunny out. The girls haven't been there yet (lazy Mom, I know), but they loved it! Well, Jasmine loved it. Kayley, who usually isn't scared of anything was a bit hesitant with the rides. But she still had fun and especially loved the zoo part of the park.
The girls riding the mini putt-putt ride. If they take after their mom they'll be loving bumper cars in no time...
Jasmine's very first roller coaster. I was shocked she actually said she'd go on it. I normally would go with her but being pregnant and having Kayley I couldn't go. It went around 2 times and I must say although she really didn't like it she didn't scream or cry or anything. Definitely one of Jasmine's braver moments!
 She loved the granny bugs ride
 We all got to go on Danny the Dragon together:)
 Kayley was totally entertained by these meerkats
 Pretty leopard which actually came all the way up to the window!
And we finished off the afternoon riding the carousel ride 3 times in a row. It was Jasmine's favorite and she insisted on riding the polar bear.
Kayley not too sure of the whole thing. Fun way to spend an afternoon with my girls!

Monday, April 30, 2012

Happy 70th Birthday Baba!!!

Baba turned 70 years old on April 30th. In his true fashion he didn't want anything or want to do anything special for his big day. We just had a simple brunch at my parents house. It was so casual I forgot all about taking any pictures--this is the only one I got on my iPhone--I love it. Anyone who knows my Dad knows how special and awesome he is. I couldn't have asked for a better Dad. I feel so lucky. We all love you Baba.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Kayley Turns TWO!!

Kayley is officially a two year old! We had a family brunch to celebrate her, and she loved all the attention on her. Ever since, she's been saying "my birthday, my birthday" every single day. Her older sister reminds her constantly that her birthday is over now;)

Kayley is a fun, outgoing, happy, tough yet loving cutie pie!
Some things she loves: Her sister, her pacifier, shoes, waffles, saying "I doooo" when she wants something or wants to do something, all her family and really anyone she's met a couple times, her dolls and barbies, bubble guppies theme song, elmo, eggs, peeled cucumbers and apples, cottage cheese, oatmeal, pasta, tugging on hair (it's a comfort thing), being naughty, running around with no clothes on, taking baths, going in the pool or any water play, making people laugh, hugs, kisses, and sleeping in our bed:) Kayley, you make everyday a fun one with your smile, silly ways, and giggles. We LOVE LOVE LOVE you Kayley!!!
 Kayley always wants to ride Jasmine's tricycle but she isn't big enough so we got her this battery operated Dora car. You push a button and it goes. Pretty cool!
 Jasmine is kind of big for it but she loves it too. Dare I say more than Kayley....
 Practicing her balance
 Hi beautiful!
 Mom, Dad, Sis, Grandparents, Aunts & Uncles at Rick's
 Attempt at a family picture. Jasmine INSISTED her and I curl our hair. Not my best look, especially with the 2 inch roots.
 It's not a beer belly folks, it's baby #3...
 Me and my baby girl Kayka:)
 After several attempts at trying to light the candles Arian's trying to explain to her to blow them out!
 Kayley sandwich, yum!!

 So happy cause everyone started singing happy birthday to her and clapping for her:)
 I know, I'm still obsessed with cupcakes
 She said "I DOOOOOOO", and took the cupcake eating into her own hands!
 No clue what happened next. But it's her birthday, she's two, and allowed to cry if she wants to!
 Nothing her pacifier and some fun presents can't fix
Nice long nap in our bed after the party

Sunday, April 15, 2012

A little showering

Kat threw me a really pretty, fun, and relaxing baby shower. I know, totally ridiculous for a third baby...try telling her that! It did get me more excited about the blue though:)
 Great hostess and planner with her nieces
 Sis's and sis's
 Yummy spread

 Still best friends after 4.5 years....

 Auntie Kristin with the girls
 I didn't do this on purpose but it's amazing how you can't see my belly in this angle!

 Three generations:)
 My little big girl and I
In a few more weeks the tides are shifting and a baby boy will (hopefully) be here!! So crazy!